Digital Marketing in 2020 & Website Development.

Digital Marketing in 2020 is big business at the moment but it sure as hell, has been a strange year so far. Many have felt the detrimental effects 2020 has dealt us. We are however, a resilient bunch and I firmly believe we’ll be back on track soon.

What makes me believe that? I have witnessed first hand, the scramble to maintain businesses in the digital world while the physical world appeared to dwindled. Companies with shop fronts have lost tremendous footfall and as such, their companies have taken a huge financial hits. Many have diversified and tried dam hard to keep their customers happy. Some have succeeded but unfortuantley, plenty more have struggled. It has become clear how important digital marketing is.

Establishing my Digital Marketing company

Due to redundancy I established Me Me Me Marketing in lockdown in an attempt to help SME’s succeed online. I’ve had quite a bit of interest and I am currently working on a number of projects.

Me Me Me Marketing logo | Digital marketing and web development

Me Me Me Marketing on a Mission

My main aim is to integrated digital marketing fundamentals with website development in an effort to create an all in one, affordable solution for small and medium enterprises. My company also provides long term marketing management plans. We mange the online presence of our clients brands including websites, social media and even their external SEO. We help them get found online and ensure they’re presenting themselves in the best possible light.

I always encourage my clients to think of their website as their top sales team and when 81% of people perform a webs search before purchasing a product, it‘s crucial to get it right.

75% of people never scroll past the first page on Google, which illustrates how important it is to stand out from the crowd. As my company is new you’ll notice that I don’t yet appear on the first page of Google (I am working on this). This is often a major obstacle for companies going online as the competition is much tougher.

Making Me Me Me work for You You You

There are many ways in which I could improve my own site, but right now I am focussing on the clients I am working with. There are a number of options including PPC and paid links. However, word of mouth is working very well at the moment and I am keen to build my portfolio to gain credibility organically.

There are arguments for and against paid advertising. I’ll always promote the belief that organic growth (although longer) is by far the best way to reach the right customers. This is because around 70-80% of users ignore paid ads – They’d much rather click on the organic search results.

I’m learning all the time and calling on past colleagues from University and work to share insight in the sector. I absolutely love my clients and none of this would be possible without them. There are more on the way and I hope to share all of their journeys with you through a series of future blog posts. Watch this space for more digital marketing in 2020.

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