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All-in-one Digital Marketing Consultations

This is a good way to gain an insight into your digital identity. Our digital marketing consultation makes sense of your entire online presence. Discover where you’ve been going right and how you can compete with your competitors. We’ll produce a video, highlighting the areas for improvement. This will help to enhance your website and help you get noticed online.


No stone left unturned


Bespoke plan of action


Hints, tips, suggestions

What is a Digital Marketing Consultation?

digital marketing consultation will explain our strategies and give you a better understanding of how to improve your website’s online visibility. Above all, how to win more business. A consultation will help identify and present your best profile to the world. This includes investigating your website as well as social media like YouTube and Facebook, e-mail marketing and all other referrers that could list your site. It will help to show you the tweaks that need to be made.

We’ll test key search phrases and provide you with details of how your site is ranking on the major search engines like Google, YouTube, Bing and Yandex. We’ll score your site and create a bespoke plan based on our digital marketing recommendations. The aim is to find key areas that will help accelerate your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and increase your online business opportunities.

Why do you need a Marketing Consultation?

How you stack up against your competitors who may be offering the same goods or services pr sharing the same geographic location – all in pursuit of the same target audience. Good SEO makes your website far more accessible and to achieve this, a variety of tailored marketing solutions will be included in your digital marketing plan. We’ll ensure you have a complete knowledge of your digital marketing situation and we’ll offer continued support should you need it. 

Website Auditing

Increase your website‘s value by removing errors and broken links. Add tags based on analytics and keep engaging new and existing website users. We’ll help improve your overall website.

Competitor Analysis

Know your competitors strengths and weaknesses. Fill in the gaps to attract more customers by developing Unique Selling Points or engaging content.

Search Engine Audit

Get 10 keywords to focus SEO.
Get set up properly on search engines. Discover your current rank and set goals for key phrases. Add tags and get listed.

External Analysis

Be listed everywhere you should be. Get advice and support for pay-per-click ads (PPC). Gain insight to your off-site potential. Generate links to your site.

Social Media Analysis

Build a following. Funnel traffic to your website. Promote on social media. Learn to schedule posts and create really engaging content and use the #hashtag

Short Term Marketing Plan

Every consultation is concluded with a short term plan. We will highlight critical tasks that need to be completed and will offer on-going support should you need it.

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