A digital marketing consultation includes a phone call and a video regarding your website design and digital marketing. If you’re an existing business we’ll audit everything and let you know where you’re going right. If you’re new to the game, we’ll identify key areas to focus on. 

Consultation Process

We’ll send you a short video about your ideas or exisiting website and provide suggestions on how to improve.

Website Auditing

If you have a website, we’ll check it out and offer suggestions to improve it.

Competitor Analysis

We’ll identify some key competitors and compare them.

Search Engine Audit

We’ll identify key words to focus your search engine optimisation.

External Analysis

We’ll review potential of your online presence outside of your website.

Social Media

We’ll highlight exactly where you should be promoting your services.

Marketing Plan

We’ll list short term tasks to work towards.

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What is a Digital Marketing Consultation?

digital marketing consultation will explain our strategies and give you a better understanding of how to improve your website’s online visibility. Above all, how to win more business. 

A consultation will help identify and present your best profile to the world. This includes investigating your website as well as social media like YouTube and Facebook, e-mail marketing and all other referrers that could list your site. It will help to show you the tweaks that need to be made.

The aim is to find key areas that will help accelerate your search engine optimisation (SEO) and increase your online business potential.

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