Search Engine Optimisation

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

SEO is vital for being found online. There is a host of techniques to master in order to help you climb the ranks. You may be up against many websites offering the same products or services as you, which is why it’s important in shared space to stand out from the crowd.

How you present your company will impact on your business potential because it’s usually the companies found on the first page, that get the clients. When was the last time you clicked on page 2 of Google? 

A new website will be competing with more established web pages who’ll have tried and tested content that satisfies a loyal following. As a result Search Engine Optimisation can be demanding. It’s constantly evolving and it’s highly competitive. 

Why is SEO so fickle?

Search Engine Optimisation depends on many internal and external variables. In essence it’s determined by page content and how accessible it is. Small and medium companies lack the tools and time develop, test and measure Search Engine Optimisation. Employing Me Me Me Marketing could save you hours of work getting SEO to perform for you. 

It’s important to define what works for your company and of course, your clients. We try to keep it simple and develop an SEO plan to suit a specific need. If you’re able to define exactly what your clients are after then that’s half the battle. Now you just have to be found.  There are SEO “experts” out there that claim to be able to get you to the top of Google instantly. They might employ illegal techniques which are not advised in 2020.  Good, honest SEO will improve rankings in weeks but sometimes it takes months to develop.

Need Help with SEO?

At Me Me Me Marketing we make it our business to keep up-to-date with important algorithm changes that denote how, where and when websites get ranked higher in search engines. Besides exploring current trends, we test our results to find the ultimate solution to your SEO issues. It’s all part of our integrated marketing and web development approach, so we can help you increase your site’s online visibilty more effectively.

Finally we always try to keep it simple because you’ll be less likely to be affected when the SEO goalposts are moved and it all gets shaken up again. This is why it’s critical to focus on excellent, engaging content. We’ll use your keywords and phrases throughout your website which will help you maintain or increase your ranking online.


We’ll find where you’re listed and where you’re not.


We’ll develop a bespoke SEO plan for your website


We’ll highlight critical areas and continue to offer you advise.

Search Engine Optimisation | SEO

Get found online easily by identifying keywords and using them wisely, create easy to read content and grow your organic traffic.

Search Queries

Analytically driven keywords and phrases that promote your products/services such as “Plumbers in Purely”

Page Content

We’ll make sure you search intent, URL’s, metas, page loading speeds and anchor text are all in order.

Schema & Rich Snippets

Stand out from the crowd with structured data. This is essential for companies selling online.

Grow Organic Traffic

We’ll attract new customers by helping them find you and ultimately keep them coming back again and again.


Your site needs traffic to grow so everyone from humans to robots should have access to your site.

Tracking & Testing

Using raw analytical data, your SEO will be continually tested to improve conversion rates on site.

Offsite Optimisation

Get your site listed elsewhere it should be. Pay for advertising or communicate with new and existing clients via social media.

Outreach & Networking

Find other businesses, affiliates and influencers to connect with and improve your networking opportunities.

Content Marketing

From how to’s to blogs to regular updates and videos. There’s a content marketing plan for your brand.

Directories & Back Links

Spread your wings and get found anywhere that matters. Backlinks are a fundamental requirement for SEO so we’ll take care of that too.

Social Media Marketing

It pays to be social. Get your accounts set up and optimised. Learn how to schedule posts and grow your following.

Pay-Per-Click Ads (PPC)

Google Ads or social media promotions. Get the best return on expensive PPC campaigns or do away with them entirely..

Video Marketing

Create, watch, enjoy, share. The power of video marketing is huge. We can help you with that. Speak to us today about your ideas.

On-going SEO Support?

Search Engine Optimisation is an ongoing process that we’re happy to take care of. Focus on the bigger picture and sleep easy knowing your SEO is cared for. We can tailor a plan to your requirements and manage your SEO to whatever level you require.  

Keywords & Tags

We’ll make sure you’re being found when your keywords/phrases are being searched. If you’re a local business, your closets customers will find you too.

Linked Accounts

Everything from social media, Google My Business, Console, Analytics and directories. We’ll make sure your everywhere you should be.

Content & Ads

Create and manage content such as blogs, videos and social media. If you’re keen to maximise your visibility why not start a PPC campaign?

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