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Digital Marketing Consultations

So, you’re all set and you just need some advice to maximise your online marketing efforts? Our digital marketing consultations will audit your site and draw your attention to high priority tasks. You’ll be provided with critical information in order to increase visibility and improve your ranking online. We will highlight everything we think is important for you company and we’ll explain it in plain English. If it all sounds too much, you can let Me Me Me Marketing handle everything for you and we’ll develop an online plan as well as implementing it via our digital marketing management services. 

Digital Marketing Services - Consultations

Website Development

You can come to us with an existing site or no site at all and we’ll either design, refresh it or redevelop your site entirely. Our integrated approach means we combine the skills of web developers and the knowledge of digital marketeers to achieve amazing results online. It’s so important to keep your company website updated so we can offer on going web development to ensure your website isn’t falling behind.

Website development/optimisation - Digital marketing services

Search Engine Optimisation

With our extensive understanding of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) you’ll get a good looking website and you’ll get found online. As each project is different we cannot provide a time scale of when you’ll reach the top of search results but with the expertise and techniques from Me Me Me Marketing you’ll get there much quicker.

Digital Marketing Services - SEO Me Me Me Marketing

Digital Marketing Management

If you’re tired of the obstacles you’re facing with digital marketing and fed up with not being able to focus on the bigger picture. You’re in safe hands. With incredibly competitive pricing, Me Me Me Marketing is the best digital marketeers and developer for small and medium companies  With short to long term marketing support there’s a marketing management plan for every business and we’ll even be there for extra hours during new releases and other important events.

Digital Marketing Services - me me me marketing


Some of our most frequently asked questions

Traditional marketing is seen as anything from print, radio or TV, whereas digital marketing takes form of anything online including, SEO, Social media, PPC, email and content creation. Our services often include web development too. 

Yes, you absolutely need SEO. What form is a different story. We rely on traditional SEO tactics as well as the emerging techniques such as creating valuable  and shareable content.

For larger agencies, you will be assigned an account manager who will be the only point of contact. The difference with Me Me Me Marketing is that the people you are talking too are also the people conducting the work. This results in an greater understanding of your needs as the relationship develops. 

Think of your website as your best sales person. Your website is where potential clients, find, explore and purchase your good or services. You’d provide your best sales person with training to improve their techniques. A website is much the same. Keep it fresh, keep it valuable, keep it visible, keep selling. 

We like working with small and medium companies so our prices reflect the marketing budgets these types of companies should have.